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10 Craziest Glitches In Skyrim (& Why They Happen)
Nov 28. 2020.
You can't get through a discussion on Skyrim (or any Bethesda game) without mentioning the bugs and glitches. These are the craziest of them.

Since its release in 2012, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has been a wild ride for many gamers. It's full of fun quests, interesting characters, and beautiful scenery β€” and of course, more than a fair number of glitches. Some of them are horribly game-breaking while others are comically gut-busting
This is a common trait in a number of Bethesda's best selling games. Their worlds just don't feel like co-operating sometimes, and while the math behind some of them is obvious, others are the result of an almost hilariously convoluted procession of game logic

Launching Foes Into The Air With Beastly Power
Everyone is likely familiar with the fact that giants sometimes smack their adversaries so hard that the impact is significant enough to confuse the game's physics engine, resulting in the target being knocked into space. This does not seem to be an isolated issue, as werewolf players in beast form can perform a similar feat. If the transformed Dragonborn attacks an enemy while they are on some stairs, the receiver of the attack could be launched upwards.

Using A Platter As A Key
Applying a certain amount of force to an object in this game usually results in the engine not being unable to calculate where various objects in the area should be. That is to say that one can abuse this to pass through areas that should be solid. If the player picks up a platter and holds it out in front of themselves, they can press the bottom side to a door or gate. If they then walk forward, the platter's hitbox will go through. Conveniently, the player's body will follow.

Flying Mammoths
While traversing the open areas of the northern province, the Dragonborn may sometimes come across mammoths living alongside giants in a lovely display of symbiosis. Though, on occasion, the game will not be able to calculate vertical distance properly between the player and newly spawned entities. This can result in anything from a mammoth's model jittering about briefly to rocketing up into the air for some sick hangtime.

Take Flight Like A Whirlwind
On the Dragonborn's trip up to the peak of High Hrothgar, they'll have a chance to learn the Whirlwind Sprint Shout. This is actually a misleading name, as it does not require sprinting and functions much more like a forward jump with a cooldown. Some clever gamers over the years have figured out a way to be rid of this cooldown, which essentially grants the ability to fly.To do this, simply use Whirlwind Sprint and then immediately wait in-game for one hour. After exiting the wait menu, shout once more, and repeat this cycle. If done from the Throat of the World, one could soar across the skies more majestically than any mammoth.

Limitless Crafting Potential
While at an alchemy table, if one consumes a "potion of fortify restoration," then proceeds to unequip and then re-equip armor that increases the power of the potions the Dragonborn creates, the fortify and restoration effects will cause the percent of power increase on the armor to rise. With this effect, one can create the ultimate potion-making attire. With this attire, the player can then create potions to fortify one's enchanting and smithing to equally broken levels for the creation of weapons that can literally defeat any foe with a single blow.

Giant Chickens And Tiny Humans
On occasion, organisms that naturally spawn in the world won't have the same dimensions as their peers. In many of the modern Bethesda games, the scale setting for everything is at 1.0. Using the console command, PC players can change this setting to increase or decrease an object or character's size. However, sometimes the game messes with this setting on its own, likely due to variation between individual living creatures, and will rarely spawn giant chickens or tiny humans.

Giant Death At A Wedding
The ability to get married to an NPC in Skyrim has been a feature that can immerse a player into their character, the world, and the various connected stories of different NPCs. Characters that the player has met and helped can show up at the Dragonborn's wedding even without invitations. While standing at the altar, the player can look around and fondly remember all the digital lives they've touched leading up to their special day. Or they might see a corpse in the back row. Due to how the "invitation" mechanic works, characters are simply teleported to the temple when the wedding is happening. But if an old questing buddy is deceased, the game may teleport their dead body onto one of the benches.

Living Mannequins
Skyrim does have dark fantasy and horror elements, though it is not one many would say is a scary game. These very same people would immediately take this statement back if they were to walk into their home and see their formally immobile armor mannequins walking about as if they owned the place. The reason this occurs is that mannequins are not actually objects, but regular Nord NPCs that have been re-skinned and scripted to stay in a particular pose. However, sometimes this script breaks and they revert to acting like humans once more, much to the terror of the unsuspecting Dragonborn.

Surviving Decapitation
Typically, taking off an enemy's head results in their death, but this is not always the case in Skyrim. The way the game calculates the loss of health is processed at different speeds than those that result in decapitation. Sometimes, the decapitation outruns the amount of health lost and an enemy, or even the player, can lose their head without losing their life. One would think that the animation and effects of death would be linked to the health bar reaching zero, but that is apparently not the case.

Ride A Horse That Is Riding A Dragon
At Skyborn Altar, there is a dragon perched upon a Word Wall, and just behind this, there is a cliff overhanging the area. If the player makes their way to the top of this cliff with their steed, they can get into position directly above the dragon. While still mounted onto one's horse, jump off and aim for the dragon's back between its wings. If the Dragonborn sticks the landing, the scaly being below will take off with the horse upon its back. The horse likely doesn't fall off immediately for the same reasons its hooves can climb up near-vertical mountainsides. With some luck, the player can ride two steeds simultaneously, and majestically, through the northern skies.

Source from Gamerant.com By Reyadh Rahaman

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