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October 12. 2022.
SNK decided to end two of their games on mobile - Metal Slug Attack & Metal Slug Defense!

MSA players start to mourn after receiving sad in-game notice about "ending of service" for their favorite game from SNK corporation. Its about Metal Slug Attack and of course Metal Slug Defense, to be honest for Metal Slug Defense SNK already "closed" services some time ago, so you cant use Google Play feature in MSD already as well as online pvp feature, but what is with MSA? According to in-game notice and as well on their official site, they will stop updating and providing service for MSA and MSD on January 12, 2023 (JST). Its about 6 years of fun with MSA from 2016 when they started. Many will say that MSA is pay to win game and that is absolutely true, anyway game was fun to play and to encounter old favorite pixel characters from Metal Slug franchise like Marco and others.

As screenshot uphere "say" and as well their official site:

  "We would like to thank everyone for your continued support and patronage of โ€œMETAL SLUG ATTACKโ€. We regret to inform you we have decided to end the service of โ€œMETAL SLUG ATTACKโ€ on January 12, 2023 (JST). The entire development and operation team would like to express our deepest gratitude for the support we have received from many people around the world since the launch of the service on February 15, 2016(JST)."  

Also SNK provided schedule for upcoming days:

โ€ข Wednesday, October 12, 2022(JST)
MEDALS, the paid in-game currency, will no longer be available for purchase. All other paid items will not be available for purchase.
*All purchased MEDALS can be used until the end of the service.
*Please note that the MEDALS will not be refundable.

โ€ข Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 16:00(JST)
End of the service
*Players will not be able to play โ€œMETAL SLUG ATTACKโ€ after the service ends.

So its clear that MSA will not be able to be played anymore after 12 January 2023, nobody expected this after 6 year of MSA especially because SNK earn nice money from players because many players purchase medals for cranks,as well as units, monthly cards and other "pay" services. Many people who love this game become mad after this announcement, telling that SNK "take our money and run away" which can be true actually at least in some parts, but obviously SNK think that MSA dont bring enough money to provide future services at least in heads of thier "heads" considering that MSA isnt really cheap game if we take all in consideration. Some units from past and to now cost about 50$ to purchase and not need to tell that you will need to pump more money to maximize that units to platinum + items needed for skills. Anyway whatever is reason for this decision of SNK one is sure, we can play SNK just couple of months before we "lose" all of our progress on January 2023 when game will be closed for good. Its obvious that hard-core players are angry after SNK decided to take all of their effort as well invested money and decided to "turn off" and put "curtains of end" on MSA. Also i need to bring one my favourite argument of players connected to info "it will be difficult to provide service" - in form of response "what is difficult by providing one event each week with recolor of units already available in game with more unbalance in way of strength of units!"

Also biggest fan group on Facebook for MSA announced that they will "close" fb group on 31th December, you will be able to see all post but will be unable to post comments as well as reactions or to add new post. Its also funny to see that people already made meme about this lateast notification from SNK as you can see uphere.

Also there is some other notice connected with ending of service:

We will continue to operate the app so that everyone can enjoy it until the end.
*From November, there will be no more new EXTRA OPS, which used to be updated every version.
*New CRANK and Pickup CRANK will be updated until November 12, 2022(JST), and no new updates will be made beyond that date.For details, please check the 7.13 version update announcement in-game or on the official website.
*The โ€œRANK MATCHโ€ will end on December 31, 2022(JST).
*The โ€œBATTLE TACTICSโ€ will end on January 1, 2023(JST).
*The โ€œBATTLE/TEAM BATTLEโ€ will end on December 15, 2022(JST).

Because of all of this SNK also decides to be "generous" to give bunch of free medals until end, also adding most of past units to thier "MARS SHOP" together with adding "Premium Cranks"
And for end of this text we need to be honest that we can expect this from any game especially from mobile "online" games if devs decide that their game dont receive enough money to run it, or whatever is reason, so be cautious when you decide to "pump" cash in mobile game because sooner or later probably game will be closed for good. Some good example for this is obviously Gameloft developer which removed or closed many games from google play they made it or just stopped online service making game unplayable anymore, and one more example is also Konami with Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, closing it before game even become "global" and releasing it only to Apple and Arcade with removing some of features, and honestly "Grimoire" was really good game considering everything and its unclear why they decided to close game for android users.

Source from Snk-Corp.co text writted by ZeroGems
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