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(Jungle Hunter & City Hunter)

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Basic Info
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  β€’ Universe: Predator & Alien
  β€’ Name: Predator, Hish-Qu-Ten, The Hunter
  β€’ Species: Yautja
  β€’ Rank: Blooded (Jungle Hunter), Young Blood - Former, Blooded (City Hunter)
  β€’ Place of Origin: Home World - Yautja Prime
  β€’ Date of Birth: -
  β€’ Affiliation: Jungle Hunter Clan (Jungle Hunter), Lost Tribe (City Hunter)
  β€’ Connections: Alien (Adversary)


  Jungle Hunter
  The Jungle Hunter, nicknamed "El Diablo que hace trofeos de los hombres" ("The demon who makes trophies of men"), was a Yautja from the Jungle Hunter Clan that conducted a Hunt in Guatemala during a communist insurgency there in 1987. He is widely known as the Predator that stalked and killed several American military personnel in the region, including members of an elite mercenary unit led by Alan "Dutch" Schaefer. Dutch eventually faced the Jungle Hunter in close quarters combat, mortally wounding him and leading the creature to commit honorable suicide with his Self-Destruct Device.At some point prior to 1987, the Jungle Hunter began hunting humans he considered worthy prey in the jungles of Guatemala, typically only during the hottest summers. He became something of a local legend among the people, and his gruesome butchery of his victims earned him the title "El Diablo que hace trofeos de los hombres", literally "The demon who makes trophies of men". In 1987, the Jungle Hunter returned to Guatemala, now host to an ongoing guerrilla war between the American-backed government and a communist insurgency. When a helicopter carrying several CIA agents under the command of Al Dillon was shot down and the operatives captured by the guerrillas, Dillon dispatched a six-man team of Special Forces led by Jim Hopper to rescue the agents and eliminate the rebels responsible. En route to the guerrillas' camp, Hopper's team was ambushed by the Jungle Hunter and wiped out, with Hopper and two of his men being skinned, disemboweled and hung from the treetops as trophies. The Jungle Hunter seems to enjoy toying with his prey as is shown multiple times. He has an aggressive, yet honorable personality as shown during the fight with Dutch. He strictly follows the Yautja Honor Code, which is proven when he spares Anna who's unarmed. He also only kills prey he deems 'worthy', unlike some other Yautja which don't follow or even believe in the code. He prefers to hunt by the trees, stalking his prey from above. This could also be because it makes the Hunter feel superior to his quarry. The trees provide protection from bullets and keeps the Jungle Hunter hidden from the eyes of humans. This tactic proves very effective against humanity, as done by the heavily DNA spliced Assassin Predator who hunted a squad of ex-military men known as the 'Loonies'.

City Hunter
  The "City Hunter",also known as "Ghost",was a Yautja from the Lost Tribe that conducted a Hunt in the city during the heatwave and gang war of 1997. He eventually came into conflict with both a government taskforce (The OWLF) attempting to capture him and veteran LAPD Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan. The City Hunter was killed in close-quarters combat by Harrigan, who wielded City Hunter's own smart disc, aboard his Mother Ship hidden beneath the city. His body was collected by his brethren and taken off-planet. In 1997, the newly Blooded City Hunter joined the Lost Tribe for his first off-world hunt on Earth. When they arrived other members scattered across the globe to hunt, Elder Greyback decided to leave the final hunt on the planet to test his skills in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, thinking that the ongoing drug war would provide him challenging targets. Under the watch of the Elder and his seniors, the eager to prove himself young Yautja, was ready to stalk and kill the multitude of armed citizens the city had to offer, starting with a large group of thugs from the Colombian Scorpions cartel while taking interest in a certain individual who skillfully fought multitudes of criminals, before bursting into their stronghold as they retreated from the LAPD and slaughtering them all single-handedly. Deeming his prey unworthy, the City Hunter left the bodies strewn across the room, although at least one victim was left hanging from the building's rafters and later collected as a trophy. On the building's roof, the City Hunter first encountered Detective Lieutenant Harrigan, but he did not attempt to attack him. That night, the Predator later struck the Scorpions' rivals, the Jamaican Voodoo Posse, when several of the posse's members ritualistically murdered Colombian leader Ramon Vega in his luxurious downtown apartment. Again the Predator easily overcame the large group of opponents, massacring the Jamaicans using his Plasmacaster, Netgun, Speargun, Combistick and Wristblades, although he spared Vega's mistress, who was unarmed. When Harrigan and his team discovered the scene, now littered with skinned bodies hanging from the apartment's ceiling, Detective Danny Archuleta noticed a spear tip, which had been missed by the OWLF personnel, lodged in a vent in the ceiling; when he later returned to recover the item, the City Hunter was waiting for him. Upon killing him, he boned the corpse like a fish. The Predator's actions, apparent preference for criminal victims and mysterious nature led to him being christened the "psycho vigilante" by journalists such as Tony Pope. While he is a skilled hunter, he is also still young and overconfident. As his hunt in Los Angeles progressed he became overzealous, carelessly attacking and eliminating any armed humans he encountered, whether the targets were worthy or not. His erratic behavior draw the attention of the CIA and the evidences of his presence he left behind allowed them to track him down. Greyback was so concerned by the young Yautja's unnecessary killing spree that he almost sent Warrior to take him back, only his death prevented this to happen.

Artifacts, Items, Powers

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  The Cloak, also known as the invisibility system, Chameleon Feild or shiftsuit, is an advanced piece of Yautja technology that is able to render the user invisible, or nearly invisible, to the naked eye, as well as many forms of electronic scanning. The Cloak warps light around the user's body in such a fashion that surfaces behind the creature are visible through the Predator's body. The effect is not perfect, often leaving a visible silhouette similar to heat haze, but in certain environments (and when the Predator remains motionless) it can effectively help a Predator to hide in plain sight.

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   The Bio-mask also known as a bio-helmet is one of the main tools used by the Yautja. As well as performing the basic function of protecting a Predator's head, the helmet also grants the wearer access to multiple vision modes including zoom capabilities, facilitates Vocal Mimicry, and includes breathing apparatus, diagnostics, and visual and audio recording systems. The helmet often also incorporates a red targeting laser used in conjunction with a Plasmacaster. The bio-helmet is directly linked to a Predator's wrist gauntlet, which controls many of the helmet's functions. Together they form one of the most versatile tools used by the Predators, while the helmet itself is a distinctive aspect of their overall appearance.

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   Wristblades, also known as Gauntlet Knives, are the most basic of Yautja weapons and arguably the species' signature armament. The blades take the form of retractable, serrated blades between six and eighteen inches in length and two to eight inches wide that extend over the back of the hand from a gauntlet worn on the Predator's wrist. Generally, Yautja wear a single gauntlet on one wrist fitted with a pair of parallel blades, but there are a number of stylistic variations to this basic arrangement. Despite their relative simplicity, Wristblades are the weapon of choice for most Predators. The deadly blades are sharp enough to cut through bone and are intended for use against unarmored combatants or those who have been disarmed. As a last resort, they can sometimes be fired as a projectile from their gauntlet. The wristblades are among one of the first weapons a Yautja youth obtains.

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   long-range energy projector weapon with automatic targeting capabilities. Capable of firing armor-penetrating plasma bolts at distant targets, it is arguably the most devastating and technologically advanced offensive tool at the Yautja's disposal. The bolts fired by the weapon explode in a burst of plasma "shrapnel" upon striking a target, causing grievous wounds and potentially damaging other enemies near the point of impact. Young Blood Yautja are denied the use of Plasmacasters and must undergo a Rite of Passage.

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   The wrist gauntlet, also known as the wrist bracer or wrist computer, is a piece of wrist-worn Yautja technology. It houses several technologically advanced features, including a Sat-Com and a powerful Self-Destruct Device, as well as controls for a Predator's Cloak and, in some cases, their Plasmacaster. Some wrist gauntlets also included Energy Flechettes or Power Punch Gloves. A wrist gauntlet is possibly the most prized piece of Predator technology and its loss was often met with severe punishment.

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   The Combistick, also known as the Telescoping Spear, is a spear-like Yautja weapon. The Combistick is telescopic, making it relatively small and easy to store when not in use but extending to its full length when required in combat. It is made of incredibly light, sharp, thin but strong material. It can be used both as a close-quarters hand-to-hand weapon and thrown like a spear.

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   The Smart Disc, also known as the Smart Weapon, Cutting Disk or simply the Disc, is a primarily thrown Yautja weapon. It is an extremely sharp circular cutting device that is typically thrown like a discus and yet returns to the user like a boomerang. It also features a hand grip for use as a melee slashing weapon.

  β€’ NETGUN
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   The Netgun, also known as the Net Launcher, is a Yautja weapon that fires a wire net at great velocity and with great force, typically to trap and ensnare prey. Once fired, the net itself has the ability to tighten around its trapped target with sufficient force to cause the wire mesh to cut into the victim.

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   The Speargun is a Yautja projectile weapon that launches a spike of razor-sharp metal at a target. These projectiles are fast-moving, and are often launched with enough force to shatter stone.

Epic Moments

  βˆš Jungle Hunter Shoot Plasmacaster at Dutch !

  βˆš Mike Harrigan Get Pistol Trophy From Predator!

  βˆš City Hunter on Skyscraper!

  βˆš Alien Vs Predator!

  βˆš Predator Kills Alien!

  βˆš Predators Shows Up!


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