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Basic Info

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  β€’ Universe: Robocop Movies & Comics
  β€’ Name: Alex Murphy
  β€’ Species: Human (Previous), Cybernetic Organism, Cyborg
  β€’ Role: Police Officer
  β€’ Place of Origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA
  β€’ Date of Birth: -
  β€’ Affiliation: Detroit Police Department
  β€’ Connections: Ellen Murphy (wife, deceased), Nency Murphy (wife, remake movie), Jimmy Murphy (son), Anne Lewis (Partner in Police Department)


  OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, or better known as RoboCop, was a cyborg police officer, created by Omni Consumer Products with the remains of the brutally murdered police officer Alex Murphy. After receiving the call from the emergency room, the scientists and surgeons at Security Concepts swung into action, harvesting what was left of the brutally slain police officer Alex Murphy's organic components: parts of his digestive tract, what was left of his brain, several organs and his left arm, though the arm was later amputated at the behest of Morton, effectively turning Murphy's remains into the OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, or RoboCop, as he was more widely known, a cyborg with computer and mechanically assisted reflexes, memory and a 'lifetime' of law enforcement programming and a selection of dynamic software for plotting strategies and ballistic vectors in any situation.
  Alex James Murphy was a dutiful, upstanding and mild-mannered Detroit Police Officer who was brutally killed in the line of duty by infamous crime boss Clarence Boddicker. Some of his organic components were later integrated into the cybernetic law enforcement entity: RoboCop - OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, by the mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products. He served at the Metro South precinct, where he was partnered with John T. Cable. After an occasion during which Cable took the law into his own hands, Murphy requested a transfer. Murphy was transferred to the Metro West Precinct as part of OCP's drive to restructure the police department. Murphy walked through the doors to find the precinct in turmoil, its staff overworked, the cops underfunded – male and female officers even forced to use the same locker room – and crime spiraling out of control. Officers such as Kaplan and Starkweather were even threatening strike action. Only Sergeant Warren Reed seemed to be keeping everything from falling to pieces. Murphy's cool-headed ethic to duty, his objective style of thinking, optimism, and mild-mannered attitude rendered him immune to the vitriol exuded by his comrades. Murphy was partnered with Officer Anne Lewis, herself a hardened veteran of Old Detroit. As the two were getting to know one another in Sector Nine in unit 154, they received their first call: a robbery in progress; the Boddicker Gang escaping the scene in a van and heading hard down Industrial Way. After an intense, running firefight, ending when gang member Bobby was thrown onto their windshield, the two police officers caught up to the van at an old steel mill and decided to split up. In that action Murphy was killed by gang leader. After his death, scientist and sourgeons "salvaged" his body, effectively turning Murphy's remains into the OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, or RoboCop, as he was more widely known.
  Bob Morton observed RoboCop's initial evaluation and testing personally and was impressed with his marksmanship trials, during which he shot the cardboard head off a humanoid target. After being assigned to the Metro West precinct, RoboCop's first field test was just as impressive, during which he used his advanced on-board technology to stop a convenience store robber, then plot a vector for a bullet to sail harmlessly through a female hostage's skirt and cripple a would-be rapist. Later on, on the very same night, he used thermographic vision to save the then Mayor from the clutches of a maniacal politician. However, not everything was proceeding quite well, according to OCP's initial projections. As Alex Murphy had had his memories erased, and on-board programming directing his actions, it was assumed that every scintillum of Murphy's personality had died with him on the operating table. But this proved not to be entirely true. One night, as the machine was at rest and sitting in his chair, he began to experience detailed synaptic response: a vivid dream of his former life, torture, and death at the hands of Clarence Boddicker and his gang. RoboCop woke suddenly, and, ignoring the science team's protestations, walked out of the precinct. Coincidentally, Murphy's partner, Officer Lewis was just on her way in with a suspect and her new partner. Having noticed RoboCop twirling his gun into his holster during calibration earlier in the week (a habit she witnessed Murphy perform before his death), she went to him and, after a few tries, managed to get his attention, then told him he was Murphy. RoboCop hesitated, seemingly unable to process the data, before continuing on his way out. After driving around the city looking for crime, RoboCop spotted Emil Antonowsky of Boddicker's gang holding up a gas station and closed in, managing to get the drop on him and ordering him to give it up. In the ensuing panic and eruption of gunfire and gasoline, Emil recognized RoboCop and related to him that he and the gang had killed Murphy. RoboCop was stunned, playing Emil's statement back to himself several times. Just managing to regain his sanity in time to prevent Emil's getaway by firing at his motorcycle and sending him smashing into a parked car, RoboCop pressed Emil for more information, but, injured and in shock, Emil could physically say no more. Heading back to Metro West, RoboCop barged into the Detroit Police Department's record room and used his built-in interface hardware to jack into the database, uploading his stored video of Emil and identifying his known accomplices. Recognizing Clarence from his dream as the man who fired the final, fatal shot, RoboCop examined Clarence's felony rap sheet and discovered he was a suspect in the murder of Officer Alex Murphy. First tracking down gang member Leon Nash to a nightclub, RoboCop found out from him that Clarence was doing business with Sal at a drug factory set up in an old supermarket. RoboCop demonstrated his highly advanced targeting system again by marking the positions of potential shooters, tracking them, and opening fire - with deadly accuracy - when the shot was right, often without even having to physically look at the target. During the brutal shootout, Sal, Steve Minh, and all the factory workers were killed. Joe Cox was accidentally incapacitated after getting Steve's shotgun slammed in his face, and Clarence was left alone, trapped in an empty office as RoboCop closed in on him. He roughly pulled Boddicker to his feet, reading him his rights and throwing him about the factory until Clarence proclaimed he worked for Dick Jones, second-in-command of OCP. Still disinterested, RoboCop moved in and wrapped a powerful hand around Boddicker's neck and began throttling him. However, Clarence's last words triggered his third directive, and thus the former Alex Murphy spared his killer. Later, he brought a handcuffed Clarence to Metro West and threw him to the cops therein, who were all crowded around Sgt. Warren Reed and threatening strike action because of the monumental amount of deaths and injuries the beat cops were suffering. As he turned to leave, he made it clear that Clarence was the one responsible for most of them. RoboCop made his way to the OCP headquarters. As soon as he pulled up outside the building, an ED-209 clocked him and strode quickly over, citing a parking violation. RoboCop slung a Cobra assault cannon across the roof and fired it at the ED-209 twice, blowing the entire "head" from the legs of the machine, sending them staggering before collapsing in a twitching heap of scrap. He then reached the boardroom, bursting in just as Dick Jones was finishing an eloquent piece of wordplay. The executives inside were shocked, but the Old Man managed to stay calm, asking how they could help RoboCop, who answered him, accusing Dick Jones of murder. Jones tried to defend himself and the Old Man asked RoboCop what evidence he had of the allegations. RoboCop brandished his data spike - now tarnished with Clarence's dried blood - into the computer suite in the wall. On the TV monitor, Dick Jones's face appeared, saying twice, "I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake. Now it's time to erase that mistake!" Jones, panicking, leaped into action, running for a pistol on display in the boardroom with which, once he was armed with it, he held the Old Man hostage. RoboCop drew his own weapon, but Dick wrapped an arm around the Old Man, jammed the gun into his head. Jones began shouting demands as RoboCop waited, weapon at the ready, unable to fire due to the continued effects of Directive 4.

Epic Moments

  βˆš Dead or Alive!

  βˆš Robocop Defeat Thugs!   

  βˆš Robocop Vs ED-209!   

  βˆš Robocop Gun!      


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